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About Thomas E. Bowser, M.D.

Dr. Thomas Bowser is a 4th generation physician who practiced 14 years in Bloomington, Indiana. In 2003 he and his wife, son and two daughters moved to Colorado Springs. By developing his own practice, Dr. Bowser will be more able to provide the comprehensive type of neurologic care he, his patients and the referring physicians have come to expect. Moving his practice to the Northeast section of town will provide the community and the two new hospitals a "local" neurologist.

Dr. Bowser has 17 years experience in all forms of Neurologic Disease. His special interests include the diagnosis and treatment of memory disorders, movement disorders including Parkinson´s Disease and tremors, epilepsy and seizure disorders, strokes and transient neurologic changes in strength, sensation, sight or speech. Headaches and migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, back, neck and limb pain syndromes are evaluated by Dr. Bowser. Typical neurologic referrals may also include dizziness and balance disturbances, concussions and head injuries, and interpretation of abnormalities in MRI and CT scans.

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